sexual assault

What is sexual assault?

 Sexual assault is sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim. Even if the person was you date, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or friend they still need your consent. You did not give consent if:

  • You were pressured, intimidated or forced.Were incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol.
  • Changed you mind about engaging in sexual activity.

Some forms of sexual assault are: 

  • Attempted Rape Fondling 
  • Unwanted touching penetration of the Victim's Body
  • Forcing someone to perform sexual acts such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator's body. 

Sexual assault does not always mean that there was physical violence. Perpetrators may use emotional coercion, psychical force or manipulation, threats etc.Coercion is being pressured or forced to do a sexual activity that you did not want to do.  Some Forms of Coercion are:

  • Use of Threats,Intimidation,Encouraging or forcing you to drink or do durgs
  • Use or intimidation involving a weapon making you feel like you "Owe" them sex.

Recovering from sexual assault takes time and is different for everyone.  


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